Welcome to the University Lutheran Chapel, where “You Are Home.” We live in the grace that Jesus Christ freely gives as we strive to share the light of Christ with the UCLA community. The Chapel is a home for students to discover and experience belonging in Christ.

We are a mission that exists right in your backyard, tasked with sharing the redeeming grace of Jesus to the unbelievably ripe mission field at UCLA. As students begin to learn and develop the ideas and opinions that will become the foundation of their lives, ULC is here to walk alongside them, providing support and encouragement as they become the men and women they are meant to be.

The members of ULC are a family, and like any family, it’s the people that really matter! There are several people who play important roles in the Chapel. Let’s meet the team!

Rev. Bart Loos – Pastor

Rev. Dennis Gano – Organist

2016-2017 Council Members

2016-2017 Student Residents