Oikos Intentional Living Program

Applications for the 2017/18 school year are now closed.

In ancient Greek, oikos referred interchangeably to a physical home, the family or household that inhabited the home, and individuals that made up the close network of relationships of the family. The Oikos Intentional Living Program is an invitation for UCLA students to choose to live in a Christ-centered environment and intentional community, where they commit to live together in such a way that they grow and develop in their faith, deepen their understanding of what it means to belong to Christ, and learn important leadership skills and qualities to assist them throughout their lives.

There are seven spots available in this program, with monthly contributions ranging from $300-$380, depending on whether you are in a single or triple room. The Oikos Intentional Living Program is a wonderful opportunity for students to discover their God-given talents and abilities, and develop them to serve His Kingdom and the Gospel.

The Oikos Intentional Living Program is first and foremost about a spiritual discovery and journey of following Jesus. Yet, within this spiritual journey, there will also be two supportive components to the Oikos Program: An internship within the church, and weekly caretaker responsibilities.


Spiritual Journey and Discovery 

A life of following Christ is a journey that is not done in isolation but in relationships and life together. The prime example of this is Jesus and His Disciples. They lived each day together as they followed Jesus, and Jesus lived His life intentionally with them. Following Jesus isn’t a time slot – it’s life and life in community! With this in mind, those who participate in the Oikos program have the opportunity to experience such intentional living at its fullest. Students live together, belong and commit to one another, and they commit to a lifestyle in which prayer, Scripture, worship, service, leadership, and team work become a daily and weekly existence.  Students commit to attend weekly team huddles, which include Prayer, studying Scripture, leadership and team building activities, and communal encouragement and support. Individual check-ins each week will continue to deepen their sense of belonging in Christ, develop their individual understanding of who God has made them to be, and explore ways to develop their God-given calling.  Worship services are the core where we receive all of God’s gifts in Word and Sacrament together and are important to spiritual growth and development. Therefore, a major part of life-together is worshiping together.



Leadership, responsibility, and accountability are important skills and traits for any productive member of society, and part of our goal within the Oikos Program is to identify and foster these traits in a unique way for each student. We accomplish this through our internship program. This is also an opportunity for students to build their resumé during their time with us. Each Oikos student will be assigned a leadership position, and will be responsible for projects and initiatives within the scope of their individual roles. The various leadership positions include: Parking Coordinator, Office Coordinator, Facilities Coordinator, Social Media Coordinator, Campus Relations Coordinator, Alumni Coordinator, and Church Relations Coordinator.


Caretaker Responsibilities 

Since the church is a literal, as well as spiritual, oikos for these students, they will be partially responsible for keeping the building and grounds in clean, working order. In addition to keeping their personal belongings and spaces orderly and clean, additional tasks will be assigned on a weekly basis as various needs arise. This, once again, is done in community and as a team, where staff also comes alongside to accomplish the necessary responsibilities.


We look forward to the opportunity to come alongside you on this amazing journey!


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