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Sexton Program

The sextons are the heartbeat of the chapel. Their hard work and dedication to serving Christ inspire us and keep our ministry running! On this page, both potential and current sextons can find useful information related to the program and their duties. Note that the sexton manual (available below) contains the most detailed information.

Sexton Program Q&A

Q: What is required of “sextons”?

A: If you google “sexton,” you’ll find it can mean a variety of things. At ULC, it means a young person who lives at the chapel, donates between $200-$280 per mo. and 10 hours of labor per wk. (doing all kinds of tasks, from secretarial work to gardening), and commits to attending a weekly sexton meeting (which counts toward the 10 weekly hrs) and a minimum of 8 “events” per UCLA quarter (things like Sunday services, or bible studies). Utilities (heat, water, electricity, &internet) are provided. Food is not. Currently, each sexton who owns a vehicle can have a free parking spot.

Q: Who is eligible?

A: Since we are a Lutheran church located just off of the UCLA campus, Lutheran UCLA undergraduate students are given priority. However, we fairly consider applicants of all religious and philosophical backgrounds as long as they agree to comply with the requirements of the program and not obstruct the mission of the Lutheran church.

Q: What type of church is this?

We are an LCMS (Lutheran Church — Missouri Synod) congregation. For more information about the LCMS, you can visit the official LCMS website at A useful introduction to the LCMS can be found here, and general FAQS (including statements of doctrine and official views, found under their respective tabs) are posted here.

Q: By what criteria are sextons selected?

A: Our program offers a religious community, residence, and job all in one. The ideal sexton is an asset to the chapel, both in terms of being a participating and visible member of our community and in terms of the tasks he/she elects to do to fulfill his/her hours and the degree of competence he/she displays in fulfilling them. The best sexton is versatile, possessing and/or willing to learn a variety of skills, and also a good roommate and housemate (good interpersonal skills, cleans up after oneself, respectful of people and property, etc.) Applicants who are qualified but may have trouble fulfilling their duties (too busy, gone every weekend, etc.), who do not wish to stay very long, or who do not exhibit financial need may be turned down even they are otherwise qualified.

Q: What are the room arrangements like? What do I need to bring?

A:  The max. number of sextons is seven: Two triples and a single. Roommates are of the same gender. The triples are very spacious, and, currently, each bedroom comes with a full-sized fridge (except the single; it has a smaller fridge). Generally, we can provide sextons with a bed (often an IKEA loft), desk and dresser, or they can bring their own. We cannot store a sexton’s belongings on the premises other than in that sexton’s room. The kitchen is stocked with dishware and appliances, and there is a limited amount of space in the cabinets & pantry for sextons to store personal appliances and food.

Q: What is the application process?

A: We don’t take applications unless a space is  available, but we keep a running call-back list of people who would like to receive an email when that happens, and be asked for an application. To be added to that list, fill out the very simple form here. If we ask you for an application, you should fill it out and email it to and wait to hear if you’re called in for an interview. If you have questions that this page doesn’t answer, email and we’ll be happy to give you more information!

Q: When do spaces typically open up? When can I move in? Is there a deposit?

A: We try to establish in SPRING the roster of sextons for the upcoming academic year + summer, making it hard to get in at other times, but we also take applicants on a rolling basis (if spaces open up). Move-out/move-in generally occurs at the end of the academic year or summer, or at least at the end of a quarter or summer session. There is a $500 deposit.

Q: Are there any special rules I need to know about?

A: This provides all the crucial information, but you can find the full details about the program in the Sexton Manual.

Useful Stuff For Current Sextons


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